Phil Hellmuth took on rock star Slash and Scott Ian, the guitarist from Anthrax in a poker match.

According to his blog, Hellmuth emerged victorious, despite Ian winning "most of the money".

The bizarre game of no-limit hold'em freeze out took place at Slash's party in his own suite.

Describing the event, Hellmuth said: "Imagine Slash with sunglasses and hat, me with sunglasses and hat, and Scott sitting there with shaved head and purple beard staring each other down!"

He said that the former Guns N' Roses guitarist revealed that he is a very keen on poker and admitted that he is a big fan of Hellmuth.

The Poker Brat stated in turn that he loves Slash's work and his sons are particularly keen on the popular computer game featuring the top hat-wearing star, Guitar Hero.

Hellmuth is the only player to have picked up 11 World Series of Poker bracelets. He also holds the record for the most cashes in the series.