A new US-friendly online poker monthly subscription site has launched at Hog Wild Poker Leagues  that allows players to enter competitive leagues in order to compete against with other players.
Developed by Amber Gaming, which is the brainchild of American entrepreneurs Joe Luber and Jeff Amrein, HogWildPokerLeagues.com features a live voice communication feature for each table, providing players with an enhanced gaming experience. Hey! World's largest poker site giving away $50 free. Visit Pokerstars to claim.
“Each league is provided its own unique league website, which enables you to control who you play with, when you play and manage all communication between your league members,” read a statement from the new site.
A company spokesman emphasised that Hog Wild Poker Leagues.com is not a gambling site and all monies paid by clients are used for the hosting and maintenance of the individual league websites and support of the equipment on which these run.
“Each player accepts our terms and conditions that, among other items, affirms that they will comply with all Federal, state and local laws, which govern game playing in their area,” he said.