Tuesday December 6,2011 : Games at iButler Casino bear a remarkable resemblance to those from Rival Gaming
The owners of online casino iButler Casino could have a legal headache headed their way after players discovered that its games were more than a little similar to the offerings of the Rival Gaming software developer.
The fact that this operator has an LGA Malta licence says little for the thoroughness of that jurisdiction's testing regime, a point not lost on the many players discussing the apparent rip-off.
A Malta-based spokesperson for the casino initially tried to fob the allegations off by claiming that the similarity in games is not unusual in the online gambling industry, but players were having none of that, ridiculing the rep when she posted:
"Regarding to the similarity with Rival games, we don't have any connection with this company. We are using a different gaming platform and all our games are developped (sic) by us.
"You may find similarities between many other online gambling sites, and this is not a reason to believe that the games are stolen from one site or another."
Two possible sources for the games appear to be the Malta-based 36Gaming or Forth Design Studio in Cyprus, although at press time neither had responded to comments.