Isildur Hits another win $650,000

12/9/09/ Isildur1, the unknown Swedish player who has been entertaining the online poker sector with his massive swings in wins and losses, was back for another successful night Monday, ending a session that included clashes with big names Sahamies, Townsend and Antonius with a profit for the night of $655 026.
His success follows a $3.1 million profit Sunday against the same players and Tom Dwan.

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After a bad start over a couple of hours against Brian Townsend on the $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables at Full Tilt, Isildur1 profited by $354 000 on the $500/$1 000 nosebleeds in 2 516 hands that included exchanges with Sahamies, Townsend, Antonius and CardRunners coach Jungleman12.
Despite the frenetic action there were no pots to match the current $1.356 million record, although one, taken by the Swede, did reach almost $720 000.
During the session, Patrik Antonius played 409 hands, making $436 000, while Ilari Sahamies stayed for only 56 hands, suffering an overall loss of $526 000 to the Swedish phenom. In his long confrontation with Jungleman12, playing $100/$200 NLHE, Isildur took his winnings for the night up to $655 026.