Brian Townsend hit Isildur For a Quarter million

12/15/09 – Internet pro poker player Brian Townsend has taken another $262 000 off mystery Swedish high stakes online poker player Isildur1 on the Full Tilt nosebleed tables.
After taking a short break following a terrible week, Isildur1 rocked up at the online high stakes tables Sunday and immediately tangled with Townsend on the $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha virtual tables. MarketPulse reports that in just over a thousand hands over one-and-a-half hours Townsend fleeced the Swede of another $262 000, making him one of the bigger beneficiaries of the Swede's losses at $1.5 million.
MarketPulse reported no record pots, although the match generated 23 pots over $100 000, with the largest at $197 000.
Isildur1 is now down almost $2.5 million on the year.

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