Isildur1 Reloads and loses Again

12/16/09 – Monday saw unknown Swedish high stakes online poker phenom Isildur1 back at Full Tilt despite a losing session Sunday. Perhaps an indication of his declining bankroll was his choice of $25/$50 tables, a far cry from his usual prediliction for the high stakes action, although he did venture into some $200/$400 action too.
It was a long day for the luckless Swede, who is now down around $3 million on the year after some disastrous sessions on the nosebleeds.
His latest session was no different, with the Swede signing off after slogging through 3 638 hands of mainly Pot Limit Omaha which still saw him down another $229 000.
The brighter spots in Isildur1's depressing day were some small profits on six-max games, and his main losses were to Cole South in over 3 200 hands heads up which saw the CardRunners pro take the Swede for $238 000, according to MarketPulse numbers. In just 924 hands on $100/$200 PLO he hemorrhaged almost $158 000.

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