10.22.09 – Scratchcard fans with a penchant for something a little different will be able to try their hand at a multi-game combination of Bingo and Keno following the launch of Disco Keno this week at the and scratchcard websites.
Disco Keno is described a multi-game, where players can actually play up to 8 cards in 1 game.
Players have a choice from eight cards which they have to play (any between1-8). Once the players select their bet amount and play the number of cards they have chosen, they hit the play button to activate the keno machine which will release 20 balls. Each card has 15 numbers which have to match 15 of the 20 balls that come out the machine in order to win a prize.
As usual with Neogames offerings there is a $/£/Euro 200 000 Jackpot to be won.