European industry observers awoke Thursday morning to the news that Judge Thomas Wingate's decision in the attempt by the Kentucky state government to hi-jack 141 international online gambling domains has been delayed by computer problems at the Franklin Circuit Court in Frankfort, Kentucky.
After hearing extensive arguments last week from over two dozen lawyers representing interested parties for and against the state's initiative, Judge Wingate postponed his judgement to Wednesday afternoon, October 15, citing the complexity of the case and the potential for its far reaching impact as a precedent in Internet cases.
Christine Richards, secretary to Judge Wingate informed lawyers and media late Wednesday afternoon that due to computer problems the judge's findings would only be released Thursday – probably late afternoon ET.
The Poker Players Alliance has not been idle in the hiatus, and reports that over 2 000 protests at the state of Kentucky's action have now been sent from its website to the horseracing state's governor, Steve Beshear.