The short stack holder at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event final table Kelly Kim has said his main aim was to reach the final nine in November.

He said that on day seven of the tournament he was having a tough time, running into some big hands and having a great deal of pressure put upon him, reports ESPN Poker.

However, Kim said that he remained focused on "the big picture" and played a careful game to make sure he did not finish in tenth.

Kim commented: "I did not gamble at all. I did not play any mediocre hands and was blinded down by $2 million."

The American player noted that he only played two hands, which were pocket jacks and A-K, neither of which were called when he went all-in.

Kim is yet to claim a WSOP bracelet but has cashed in the series on four occasions, taking his total winnings to $362,424.