The marketers at online casino group King Solomans have boosted interest in the website by launching an innovative competition based on a viral gaming concept called Discus Champion Game.
The game offers a range of prizes every month, including a Wii gaming station, PSPs, Ipods and digital cameras, and the intention is to bring together online players from around the world to see who can throw the virtual discus the furthest.
Each player can choose which country he or she wants to represent and then make three attempts to throw the discus as far as possible. The sum of these three throws determines the player's final ranking.
Casino spokesmen claim that the element that makes Discus Champion a winner among soft games is its "stunning use of graphics and audio" that "fully captures the majesty of international competition." The roar of the crowd, the visual scope and genuine tension of competing is all represented, along with the bragging rights associated with a leader board.
King Solomons plans to run a different competition every month with a diverse range of prizes to motivate players to compete repeatedly. There are various incentives for players to refer others to the game, or win rewards for playing casino games.