The record for the largest pot ever taken down in online play was broken over the weekend.

In the $500/$1,000 no-limit hold'em table at Full Tilt, patatino won $610,000 in a single hand, reports Poker Listings.

The online player had acquired a reputation in the past as a "fish" – or player who loses money – but he beat Hac "trex313" Dang who called his $300,000 flop bet.

After going all in when he flopped two diamonds to add to his Qd and 2d, patatino was called by trex313 who had two lower diamonds.

However, the flush draw never materialised for either player and the largest online pot went to patatino who caught a two on the turn to win with a pair of deuces.

The record had already been broken earlier on that day when David Benyamine went up against Patrik Antonius for a pot that amounted to $604,000.

Benyamine won the hand with pocket aces when he hit another one on the turn, beating Antonius' set of sixes.