Among the many new products scheduled for launch at the upcoming ICE(i) show in London is Players2Players Limited's Live Sportsbook Platform.
The new addition to Player2Players Betting Exchange Platform will allow for bettors to place multiple bets on sporting events while viewing the game's progress through a Flash-based interface in real time. Odds aggregation and balancing are a few of the tools included, enabling operators to supply optimised odds to their target audiences. The company also claims that the platform can be integrated with third party platforms with relative ease, allowing for its integration to existing gaming operations.
Player2Players acknowledges the heavily competitive nature of this sector, estimating the value of the global online sports betting market at some US $5.0 billion in gross gaming yield, based on Global Betting & Gaming Consultants estimates.
The company boasts that all of its full turnkey gaming platforms are tested and certified by respected third party testing companies, and comply with the standards of all major regulatory jurisdictions.
"It really is an innovative product, which will bring added value to existing gaming sites, as well as a solid platform to operate on its own" remarked Jonathan Doubilet, VP of Sales, "The initial response has been fantastic, with several operators signing on ahead of the official release".