Britan Lottery Winner Buys maid House

3/1/10 – Reward for loyalty – a four bedroomed house with a car in the garage
Britain's biggest lottery winners yet, Nigel Page and Justine Laycock, generously acknowledged the 20 year loyalty of their house cleaner Denise Kelso this week, gifting her with their former GBP 400 000, four-bedroomed home and throwing in a car for good measure.
The winning lottery partners won GBP 56 million on the Euromillions lottery in February (see previous InfoPowa report) and decided recognise the sterling service of their house cleaner before they moved to a new GBP 4 million home in England's West Country. They handed her the keys of the house that she had kept clean for years, along with a black Honda Civic.
Kelso will continue working for the couple.
"All you need to know is I love my cleaner very much," Justine told the Sunday Mirror.