The Camelot national lottery in the UK took the plunge this week with its latest campaign advertisement, a television segment with a chilly seasonal twist on the slogan “This is for those who would rather give it a go…than never know.”
Created by the Abbot Mead Vickers.BBDO agency, the advert shows a couple wrapped up against the snow and cold outside, sitting in a car beside a beach. They leap out of the car, fling off their clothes then race into the freezing waves with the voice-over intoning the slogan.
The ad. will run until 3 January 2009 and then will re-reappear from mid-January to mid-February, supported by point of sale in-store featuring the “Have a go or never know” message.
Camelot brand marketing and e-commerce director Ailsa McKnight told Brand Republic: “By portraying everyday situations where people give it a go, the new campaign has proved popular with players and viewers alike.”