Online poker ace Phil Galfond is the latest pro to bite a chunk out of the bankroll of mysterious high stakes player Martonas on the the Full Tilt Poker site, taking him/her for $250 000 as the week ended in a series of PLO clashes.
There were times when it looked as if Martonas may have overcome his/her losing streak against several top players; taking two big pots in particular looked hopeful for poker's most mysterious player – one for $417 000 and another for $233 000 – but it wasn't enough to stop the Galfond express.
Against other players, Martonas lost $50 000 to Patrik Antonius, but took down Di Dang for $200 000 to almost balance the books – mainly in one $223 000 pot. Nevertheless the poker enigma ended the session down $100 000.
Railbirds are now waiting to see oif Martonas pitches up for another Full Tilt blast, which gamestyle he will choose, who challenges him….and whether he comes out ahead or losing. Either way, it makes for exciting high stakes action!

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