The fourth annual MBA Poker Championship is set to take place this weekend at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Harrah's Entertainment described the event as a "unique and exciting" opportunity for both recruiters and candidates.

It said that those looking for talented MBA students and alumni would be able to see how different people perform under pressure by watching them at the felt.

Brad Warga, vice president of talent acquisition for Harrah's, commented: "We've leveraged the worldwide recognition of our World Series of Poker brand to attract MBA poker players and spectators alike to Caesars Palace Las Vegas."

He added that the poker tournament was "undeniably" one of the most "creative" recruiting events in the country.

Last year the prize pool at the competition was close to $30,000 in cash and other items, attracting players from some of the country's top universities, such as Harvard, Stanford and Wharton.

In 2008, Harvard lost in a poker tournament against arch-rivals Yale.