The value of online progressive jackpots available on casinos powered by the likes of Cryptologic, Playtech and Microgaming rises and falls with wins on the diverse games on offer, but this week it is Microgaming's "Mega Moolah" that offers the biggest jackpot.
This one has not been hit recently and had climbed to over $3.5 million as InfoPowa went to press this week, comfortably above the average win for the game of around $2.7 million, all paid out in a single cash tranche. And it's not the largest payout this progressive has achieved – last April it was won when it reached $5 556 735
Two other Microgaming jackpots are quickly approaching the million dollar mark, too: Roulette is over $894 000 and Major Millions, at $917 000, is possibly on the brink of turning some lucky player into an instant millionaire.