Reports from Mechanicsville, New York last week told the story of a cleaning woman who cleaned out the main prize in a local lottery, winning a million dollars when the odds were more than usually against success.
Pamela Fitch's story began in the first week of January when the 55-year-old's son asked her to buy him a ticket in the Big Bucks lottery because he couldn't get to the store due to a smashed windscreen on his car.
The obliging Pamela went to the convenience store, asked for a Big Bucks ticket, but was given a Jumbo Bucks ticket in error. Realising the mistake, she almost cancelled the purchase but at the last moment decided to go with the Jumbo Bucks ticket anyway….and it won.
Fitch has elected to receive over $35 000 a year for the rest of her life rather than a lump sum.