Ten-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner Doyle Brunson has stated that the tournament director should have dealt with Scotty Nguyen's behaviour at the HORSE tournament earlier.

On his blog, Brunson said that Nguyen was a "good friend" and that the only way he could excuse the behaviour was to say that the eventual winner had had too much to drink.

The poker veteran said that the tournament director should have taken action earlier to diffuse the situation.

He said: "The tournament director should have stepped in, cut off the alcohol and given Scotty a one-time warning, followed by a severe penalty if the warning wasn't observed."

Brunson added that Nguyen is an obliging player and good ambassador for the game and that it was time to give him another chance.

Nguyen's victory in the 2008 HORSE WSOP was his first since he took two bracelets home in 2001 bringing his overall haul to five.