With the election of Barack Obama as president of the US, another poker fan is set to lead the country.

His Republican opponent John McCain is reported to prefer the chance-based casino game of craps to the strategies of poker.

Another famous Democrat president reported to be a fan of the popular card game was Harry Truman who was in office between 1945 and 1953, although those who played with him claimed he was not a strong player.

On the Republican side, Richard Nixon and Warren Harding are two of the most famous and capable poker players.

Nixon used winnings amassed during his term fighting in the Pacific to fund his first congressional campaign and Harding played twice each week, gambling away a set of china from the White House in one game.

According to James McManus, a poker author, Obama is a "calculating" poker player who avoids long shots and waits for strong starting hands, reports the New Yorker.