New Marvel Random Progressives

2/11/10 –  A multi-level mystery jackpot has been added to all Marvel slot games. These slot games are now linked to a progressive jackpot network. Players can win any of the jackpots at random while playing. Play all the top marvel Slots at Omni Casino.

There are four different types of jackpots which can be won: Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot and Ultimate Power Jackpot. Different types of jackpots have different prize amounts, as seen in the table below.

Marvel Jackpot Type

Prize range (in a respective currency)

Power Jackpot

50 to 500

Extra Power Jackpot

500 to 5,000

Super Power Jackpot

5,000 to 50,000

Ultimate Power Jackpot

100,000 to 1,000,000

The trigger to winning a jackpot is random and can occur after any spin in any of the games. It is not triggered by any symbol combination. Any bet amount can win the jackpot, although the chances of winning increase or decrease proportionally according to the size of the bet.

In the progressive Marvel Jackpot, players are shown 20 hidden squares . Players reveal jackpot symbols by clicking on the squares. After the player has revealed three squares with the same jackpot symbol, this jackpot is won. This means that a jackpot win is guaranteed once the progressive Marvel Jackpot has been accessed.

A timeout counter makes the picks for players who do not react within 30 seconds.  Play all the top marvel Slots at Omni Casino.