The poker term "All In" took on a whole new meaning for a St. Petersburg, Florida Internet poker player this week when his online game at home was interrupted by a violent crash, and he found a large SUV literally all in his house.
The driver of the vehicle had missed a T-junction, instead ploughing straight though the front cement block wall of the player's home, through his kitchen, and finally knocking the dishwasher and dining room chairs through the home's back wall into the backyard pool.
"I thought thunder or lighting had hit my hot water heater and it had blown up. It just sounded like an explosion," the player said, surrounded by the wreckage of his home which had become an informal garage for the uninvited SUV.
St. Petersburg Police and Fire Rescue crews were called to the scene but by the time they arrived the player had pulled the occupants of the vehicle to safety through the SUV's back hatch. Fortunately the injuries were minor.