It's been over a year since high profile poker pro Phil (Poker Brat) Hellmuth launched his poker apparel company, capitalising on his nickname and branded Poker Brat Clothing Co. This week the company announced a new line of designs available to poker fans at Poker
"I love the people who designed these shirts," said Hellmuth. "We've worked with artists in Las Vegas, Missouri, and West Hollywood, and I told them to create whatever their hearts desired and, man, did they create some great poker designs!"
The line includes not just his ubiquitous PH hat, but also poker t-shirts in the vein of Ed Hardy and Affliction, like "Poker Tree," a nifty riff on poker seedlings growing into a giant oak, and also "Poker Face," a card symbol starburst available in multiple colors. Also offered are sturdy shirts stamped with the Poker Brat Clothing Company logo.
For those few who are unfamiliar with the carefully nurtured Hellmuth legend, this American poker pro is expert at high profile publicity antics, but also boasts an impressive professional record that includes being one of the youngest ever World Series of Poker winners, and the holder of the record for most WSOP cashes at 69 and counting.