1/7/10 – According to reports this week in the Estonian Free Press, the Olympic online gambling group will be among the first to benefit from new online gambling regulations in the Baltic nation.
"As of 2010, Estonians will be legally authorised to play only on nation-based gaming platforms [such as] the one set up by Olympic Casino group and developed by one of the most famous software companies of the industry, Playtech," the publication disclosed.
The report quotes Playtech CEO Mor Weizer as saying: “We are truly glad of this opportunity to start our partnership with Olympic as the leading casino entertainment provider in Central and Eastern Europe.”
Weizer added that the chosen strategy of Playtech to concentrate its attention on well regulated markets and provide the premium technological solutions to the companies operating on those markets has once again proved successful in Estonia, where it is believed that Playtech has development interests.
International gambling operators are increasingly targeting Estonia with advertising campaigns, and there are rumours of impressive investments already planned for the whole Baltic region, the Estonian Free Press claims.