MacUpdate  has launched a bit of poker fun in the form of its new Imagine Poker, which enables player to take on virtual history greats at Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.
This imaginative concept uses AI and 21 beautifully crafted avatars of history-changing personalities like Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Abraham Lincoln, the Tooth Fairy, Stalin, Robin Hood, Blackbeard, Merlin to set up matches for Mac players against the historical characters.
Even the Abominable Snowman traveled all the way from Kathmandu to participate in the Imagine Poker tournament, reports MacUpdate.
Players can configure the Texas Hold ‘Em game with any rules and settings desired and then enter a five round tournament where they must beat all of the characters to win.
Imagine Poker features Candywriter's acclaimed artificial intelligence module that is sure to challenge even poker professionals, boasts the creators.
Players can create a profile from scratch and represent any country in the world. Then watch as Imagine Poker tracks detailed statistics of games, ranks in a Leaderboard against all of the other characters, and even grades individual player performance!