Virgee has released a new utility for iPod and iPhone users that enables them to track their poker sessions and bankroll.

Called Poker Money, the software is available at Apple's Apps Store and costs £2.99 ($4.43).

The programme tracks an unlimited number of poker sessions as well as buy-ins and cash-outs.

It also provides a chart which gives users a visual image of how their bankroll has increased or decreased.

Version 1.0 is on sale at the moment, but upgrades are due within the next two months.

These will enable users to watch a greater variety of games, such as Omaha and five-card-draw, as well as put notes on sessions and view a graph charting their performance.

The second version will allow players to examine their profits by game, limit and hour.

Another programme appropriately called Print enables iPod users to print information which is stored on their gadgets.

It costs $3 and will work on any iPhone or iPod with the 2.1 software update.