Easily Move Poker Chips Between Sites

The secure transfer between online poker sites of chips in a business gaining significant ground in the online poker sector, with a new service from Send My Chips  leading the way.
Major sites like Full Tilt Poker , UltimateBet  and Cake Poker  are using the service,  empowering poker players to transfer their chips quickly and securely between sites.

Bodog Poker

Operated by SMC Group Management Limited, SendMyChips.com is secure and features a full auditing suite allowing sites complete access to transactions for the purpose of conducting security checks.
The service is currently available between the hours of noon and midnight New York time, and includes a blacklist facility that allows participating sites to monitor fraudulent transactions so that appropriate actions can be taken to identify and eliminate scammers.
SMC has additionally teamed up with SharkScope.com to provide a credibility check system in order to further protect against fraud.

SMC checks a player's stake history and their join date using SharkScope.com before setting a transfer level limit. The more history a player has, the higher his or her individual limit level will be set, but competitors with no history will start at the lowest level.
Once a player conforms to the poker sites’ money transfer requirements they can also use SendMyChips.com to send money from one site to another.