Players at the Poker online poker venue, currently operating on the Microgaming Poker  Network, have started speculating on Internet message boards that the site may soon be seeking a new home.
The current conjecture is that the owners are unhappy with excluding US players and are therefore contemplating a move to a more US-friendly network.
Several players claim that the poker room's customer service representatives have indirectly confirmed the rumours, advising enquiring American players that US business will be accepted in the near future, which implies a move from Microgaming as that network does not accept new US sign-ups.
Microgaming faced a similar problem with Doyle's Room, which left to join the US-friendly Cake Poker Network earlier this year.
When we went to press it was not known which network will provide a new home for Poker Host…. if the rumours are true. Cake Poker would seem to be a front runner, but the Merge network has also been growing rapidly and could be on the list, along with Everleaf, Everest and several other smaller but burgeoning venues.