Online poker players with Macs who are looking for a better way to manage their poker tournaments might want to look over the latest version of Poker Manager from Romain Cosentino's CocoaTree Applications (formerly rcSofts).
The company claims that the second iteration of the software shows blinds, time elapsed, time left for the round, average stack, and number of players left.
Version 2.0 includes a slew of new features that include:
Real-Time Tables Preview
Seat numerotation 
Event notification System
Timer with 1 minute count-down
Apple Remote : Pause/Resume, Previous Round, Next Round, start Timer, rebuy and eliminate players from the player's seat 
Check paid places
Possibility to break at the end of chosen rounds
Players are now listed and organised according to position through eliminations
Tournament record to Print or to Store in PDF, to enable player to keep track of their tournaments.
User Interface Lift
Customisable background image
Improved stability
Full screen mode
Chip calculator
The company is sufficiently confident to offer the new product on a 14 days free trial.