Pokerstars Deals 40 Billionth hand

2/20/10 – Last week’s speculation on when would deliver its forty billionth hand of online poker was answered this week when the milestone event took place on the table Naef III.
The biggest beneficiary was a player using the handle Senecady, who took home $24 000 for scooping the historic hand, a Pokerstars spokesman revealed Friday. 

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Everyone wanted to be seated at the ‘big one', but only six made it on the big day. As soon as the news was announced on the PokerStars client that the hand was about to be dealt on table Naef III, thousands of Internet railbirds rushed to watch the action as online poker history was made.
HostJeff paused the action on the $2-4 NL Hold'em game to explain to each player what was about to happen – they would get $400 for each VPP they had collected at that table over the last 40 hands. The winner would get double that. Once that was all understood, the hand was dealt and the winner declared, to the obvious delight of Senecady.