Thursday November 24,2011 : Free app is available to Italian players from iTunes
The world's biggest real-money online poker operator, Pokerstars, has boosted its virtual presence in Italy with this week's launch of a dedicated Italian poker app, available free to Italian residents only from the iTunes store.
According to the information website Poker News Report, Italy is a leader in European smartphone and mobile usage, making it an attractive target for the Pokerstars initiative.
The new app, which has reportedly been in development for the past two years, joins two predecessors from the company, Pokerstars TV and Pokerstars Clock, which were launched more generally earlier this year.
It enables cash and tournament play, and there is speculation that the acquisition of mobile technology company Cecure in 2009  gave impetus to the Pokerstars mobile plans.
The new app offers cash games and tournaments around the clock, supported by chat facilities, tutorials and a selection of poker genres that includes Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, playable on multiple tables with a choice of levels.
Pokerstars already enjoys prominent positioning in the Italian online poker market through its dedicated Italian website, which offers both tournament and cash games to growing numbers of players.