German operators looking to capitalise on liberalised gambling law
The German state of Schleswig-Holstein's more liberal approach to internet and gambling as a whole is proving attractive to established German gambling operators it seems.
German lottery company Faber Lotto's chief executive officer Norman Faber has announced that it will be establishing an independent company in the Northern-most state that will operate nationally to capitalise on the State's new gambling law.
The long-term future of Faber Lotto's corporate headquarters situated in Bochum in the North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany and its 370 employees is uncertain as the company would be required to apply for 34 licences in the future to be active in all provinces, according to a report from
Faber will be meeting with Schleswig-Holstein Parliamentary leaders Wolfgang Kubicki and Hans-Jörn Arp today (Friday) to discuss the details of a possible relocation.