Sega Online Poker and Casino

9/16/09 – Earlier this month we reported what seemed to be an unlikely story without factual substantiation that the Sega gaming company was contemplating an entry into the online gambling sector.
However, it appears there is substance to the story after all, with some astute sleuthing work by the webmaster of Casino revealing that the company is more than merely contemplating such a move, and will be launching in October on the Playtech platform

 Sega apparently confirmed the launch, and this week at EiG Playtech advised that Sega is launching October 1st on a Playtech backend but with their own game development.  Its another example of a major media company finding the industry attractive.
According to Casino both segacasino  and segapoker  domains pop up authentication boxes when visited, suggesting that the websites are already live for people with the right credentials.
Licensing will be via Alderney, we understand.

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