Shane Warne’s Poker Ashes

9/9/09 – The internationally famous – and now professionally retired – Aussie cricketer Shane Warne will be on Australian television screens in a poker role soon following a marketing move exploiting the interest in the recent England vs. Australia Ashes test cricket series.
Shane Warne's Poker Ashes will be the first major poker television show of its type broadcast on network television Downunder, a spokesman has revealed. The show was filmed in London during the recent Ashes test match confrontations between the two national cricket teams.
The show will have a series of five episodes, first flighting on the Nine Network in Oz. Members of the English and Australian cricket test teams will again face off against each other in a poker team contest with a prize for the winning team's charity of choice of $50 000. 
The teams have nominated the Shane Warne Foundation as the favoured destination for the cash if the Aussies win, whilst the Brits have chosen the Professional Cricketers Association Benevolent Fund.
With the 2009 Ashes defeat by England still smarting, the cricket-mad Australians will likely give this show top viewership ratings.