An online poker site has announced that it is trying to appeal to amateur players rather than professionals.

Cool Hand Poker limits players to two real money tables and one tournament table to prevent professional players from taking a gamers bankroll.

The company claims that this measure will make it harder for pros to clear out amateur competitors looking to take part in recreational games.

It said that the "average poker player can now get in on all of the poker action without fear of their bankroll being ravaged".

Consequently, they have an increased chance to extend their game time and win larger pots.

The firm hopes that this will create a "safer poker environment" and a "poker haven" for those who play for fun rather than money.

Paul Vister wrote on that novice gamers tend to play too many hands and fail to fold on mediocre ones.

He added that under-betting the pot is another common mistake made by weaker, more inexperienced gamers.