Shannon Shorr has stated that he felt he was unlucky to be sent to the rail at the Bellagio.

He reached the final table at the competition but was knocked out in fifth place despite believing he played "flawlessly".

In his blog he said "this one was unfortunate" because he was in second place in the chip count with only five players left at the table.

Despite this he was forced to leave the table after Nick Binger called his all-in, showing A-K to Shorr's A-Q.

The flop helped neither player but the turn card was a queen giving Binger a pair with an ace kicker.

While he did not manage to win the event, Shorr still left with over $15,000 in prize money for his solid finish at the final table.

Shorr has already notched up ten cashes at the World Series of Poker and three at the World Poker Tour.