Slotland punter takes home $134 385 jackpot

2/18/10 – Slotland Casino online gambler SURFSIDESID picked a winning wave when he chose the genie themed progressive slot "Magic" to play on last week; the game delivered a $134 385 jackpot to the bemused but delighted punter.
“I do play slots a lot, and I do win often enough to keep me going,” said SURFSIDESID when Slotland’s manager called to congratulate him. “I’ve never won anything anywhere near this though, that’s for sure!”
SURFSIDESID has been a regular player at for about three years and has won a few large payouts.
“I tend to play a lot for awhile, and then I give it a break for awhile,” said the player. “I was thinking it was about time for a break but, as luck would have it, I decided to take just a few spins that day. I think I’ll take a break now though, to spend some of this money!”
His jackpot is the biggest at Slotland since a $175 000 hit in October 2009, which was a record year for jackpots and bonuses at Slotland, according to a management statement this week. A total of $799 309 was paid out in progressive jackpots last year and more than $68 500 was given to players as bonuses in year end draws.