9/5/09 – The cancellation of the SmartLive casino affiliate program and the subsequent departure of the company's md over reported differences with owner Kasim Garipogula entered a new phase as the week ended with Income Access weighing in on the dispute.
Nicky Senyard, CEO of the affiliate program was probably prompted to defend her company's reputation by a comment in a SmartLive announcement which blamed the cessation of its affiliate arrangements on "…ongoing technical issues and integration with Income Access which we are unable to resolve fully”.
Senyard said that SmartLive's decision was not due to any failings on the part of Income Access, and she went on to give chapter and verse on various casino-side glitches which had bedevilled the project.
The owner of SmartLive, Kasim Garipogula, is believed to be the son of Turkish business mogul Hayyam Garipoglu.

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