The liberalisation of the Spanish gambling market continues to develop, with online gambling licensing and regulation taking centre stage in the Castilla y Leon region this week.
During the opening of the Castilla y Leon Gaming Congress in Coreses, Spain, the Justice and Home Affairs Councillor Alfonso Fernadez Manueco confirmed that the governing council of the Spanish community will set out legalization to regulate private online gaming in the region soon.
Representatives of gaming companies from the region attended the congress to discuss the current situation and establish a framework that will ensure future growth.
"The use of new technologies and player protection will be the two pillars on which the Department of Justice and Interior Affairs' plans with regard to online gaming will be based," said Manueco.
It is believed the draft legalization, which will be introduced early in 2009, will define the types of games which may be offered and the amount of prize money which should be paid out, together with software fairness and other player protection considerations as well as measures to guard against underage and problem gambling and criminal involvement.