More Online Sportsbetting Arrests in the USA

Eleven US individuals are named in a new anti-online sportsbetting indictment filed in New York this week by federal authorities. The indictment includes allegations of violations under the RICO (organised crime) Act, conspiracy and money laundering.
One of the accused persons is believed to a fugitive from justice somewhere in Costa Rica, officials revealed, adding that the gambling ring worked through an Internet website branded Perfect in that country which took more than $13 million in wagers on sporting events over the 10 month period when it was under surveillance.
Those accused include James Rossi (49), Joseph R. Sofia (63) – a retired New York policeman, Michael Mildenberger (71), Carmen V. Cicalese (77), Anthony Acierno (50), Michael and Peter D'Angelo, William Jennings (55), Robert Degiacomi (28), John Marino (31) and Gene Panariello (74).
Police raiding premises in North Carolina and Long Island in a coordinated operation confiscated cash valued at almost $400 000 and records of the ring's activities.

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