Player Martonas – widely believed to be a former highly successful stock broker from the Philippes named Stephanie Calhoun – set the high stakes cash game tables at Full Tilt alight over the weekend, beating some of the biggest names around on the $500/$1 000 NLHE tables to take home almost $900 000.
Among his opponents were Ashton Griffin – down only $18K on the evening thanks to winning one massive $515 000 pot, and the redoubtable Phil Ivey, who found himself down $400 000 on the evening.


At one point the three were going at it three handed with huge pots the order of the night – Griffin's $515K being the largest and probably biggest NLHE pot on the nosebleed tables this year. And in five pots alone the trio wagered over $1.7 million.
Martonas has enjoyed a remarkable run on the tables since May this year, according to Poker Table Ratings, with earnings in excess of a million dollars and a steep upward curve in performance. In November last year he suffered his worst setback, losing $185 000, but he has been on a generally upward roll since then.