Sunpoker Rake Race

SunPoker is putting up $10,000 for the month of September in two great $5k races:

The first rake race runs from the 1st of the month until 11:59PM GMT of the 2nd Sunday of the month. The second rake race runs from the 2nd Sunday at 00:01AM GMT till the end of the month at 11:59PM GMT. We overlap the 2nd Sunday for the “Double Dip” so the points you earn on the last day of the first race, will also be your first day for the second race! sunpoker

The Leaderboard will be updated once a day before 11:59PM GMT:

Visit sunpoker now to claim your first deposit bonus and  check out the leaderboard

How to win

The Sunpoker team has developed a special points system specifically for this race and it is based on revenue contributed to the house on a per player basis.

The top 10 players at the end of each Race win cash into their SunPoker account. Players have to log in to the Leaderboard page to see where they stand. To log into the Leaderboard, players will need to use their UserName and SunPoker Nickname

The Top 10 players share in the $5000 prize pool for each race:

1st – $2500
2nd – $700
3rd – $500
4th – $300
5th – $250
6th – $200
7th – $175
8th – $150
9th – $125
10th – $100