Tiger Woods Rejects Paddy Power Deal

3/6/10 – The ambitious GBP 5 million sponsorship offer made to golfing king Tiger Woods by the UK online and land betting group Paddy Power  has been rejected, according to US media reports.
However, Paddy Power has not yet given up on the idea and says that it will re-engage with Woods's agent at IMG with an enhanced offer.
"We're in negotiations with IMG to sponsor Tiger," a Paddy Power spokesman told US magazine ‘Golfweek'. "It's still in the early stage of  negotiations, really. But if it all comes off, it'll be the biggest sponsorship deal we've done by quite some way."
Mark Steinberg, Woods' agent at IMG, appeared to be dismissive of the betting company's offer, saying that it was not being given serious consideration. "We're not involved in any discussions to add to his sponsorship portfolio at this time," he said.