The chief executive of, Per Helberg, announced a strategic move for his company this week as it expanded beyond its usual Baltic and Scandinavian markets and moved into Poland. The vehicle for this expansion is a new Polish language site branded
The new site has a strong focus on football, and covers some 42 leagues, substantially more than the average sportsbook, yet is localised in its offerings.
Helberg said the goal was to provide highly targeted, region-specific products to differentiate the company from its larger rivals.
“There is no point in us copying the likes of Unibet and Ladbrokes, we have to find our own niche," Helberg observed. "Even in mature e-gaming regions such as Scandinavia, many people are still playing with the monopolies even though the prices and products offered are very poor value. Many more products can be developed to attract those kinds of players”.
He added that ToBet's localisation model was focused on enhancing local offers; reaching wider and deeper into sports with the potential to attract a wider audience.