Relatively recent arrival on the Internet casino scene Rome, in the person of CEO Josh Cartu, has been making some extravagant claims about a little known gambling software provider called Top Game, to which the casino converted last week having previously used proprietary software.
Among these is the claim that: "On demand game loading allows for blazing fast download times and gets players to the action faster then ever. [Unspecified] Tests show that is the fastest loading next generation platform in existence — almost twice as fast as Playtech casino games and up to four times faster than Microgaming" and "…fastest in the industry," made this week.
Intrigued by the bold boast, InfoPowa tried to obtain a little more information about this apparently new software firm with such a [claimed] marked technological superiority over major companies that spend significant amounts on R&D and have been in the game for years.

Unfortunately we came up with very little, other than another client – the recently launched 7Spins Casino.
Requests to a Rome Casino representative for more information on the mystery provider had gone unanswered when InfoPowa went to press, making the issue even more interesting