Aging poker pro Doyle Brunson has stated in his blog that poker was a much tougher affair in his earlier years.

The statement in his blog came as a response to Daniel Negreanu's "bragging" about the achievements of young players.

Brunson said that much has been said about the huge fields that can be found in poker tournaments at the moments and the skill it takes to fight through them to reach the final table.

Some, he says, argue that this means that "older guys" records do not mean as much.

However, Brunson commented: "A final table is a final table and in the "old days" the field was thinner but tougher."

He noted that he has made 21 final tables and has emerged triumphant at ten of these, finishing second twice and third three times.

Brunson's record is all the more remarkable when one considers the fact that two of his wins have been in the main event in 1976 and 1977.