Internet gambling group has announced that people related to its Turkish facing business, Superbahis, have been detained in Turkey.
In a statement, the company reported that individuals associated with Maslin Properties Ltd., the group's ex-marketing partner in the region, along with a number of their associates have been detained. Thus far, there has been no formal clarification of events from the authorities.
The detainees include two unnamed UK-based Sportingbet employees – both Turkish nationals – who had been in the country on vacation. They are not directors of the company, a spokesman confirmed.
Sportingbet said it continues to trade in the Turkish market and remains confident of meeting market expectations for the fourth quarter and the year ending July 31. The group generated 26 percent of its last second-quarter gaming revenues and 14 percent of third-quarter gaming revenues in Turkey.
Reporting on the incident, Reuters said that some forms of gambling are legal in Turkey, such as betting on sports games, but casino gambling is illegal.
Sportingbet acquired Superbahis in February 2007 to offer online gaming services to the Turkish market.