In the UK, ITV's new interactive bingo television show Bingo Night Live launched this week, featuring Melinda Messenger and Michael Underwood as hosts.  The UK show is believed to have a similar format to its US (the American version was cancelled after one season) and Australian National Bingo Night show predecessors, and is free for all to play.
Statistician Nichola Dixon backs the hosts with hard information, and the show airs at midnight every evening between Tuesdays and Saturdays – a tough schedule to maintain, but indicative of the confidence ITV has in its success. Players can print off tickets to play the games from the ITV website.
The one-hour program mixes free-to-play bingo with three main bingo games each night, and whilst not constituting too much of a threat to land and Internet bingo competitors, it will help to maintain and grow interest in the game.