The meetings between the U.S. Trade Representative to the World Trade Organisation and a delegation from the government of Antigua and Barbuda (see previous InfoPowa report) appear to have gone well last Friday, and could herald an end to the long-running dispute over online gambling between the two countries.
The Antigua Sun reported this week that Finance Minister Dr. Errol Cort, who headed the islander mission, as Bodog Life Pokeroptimistic that a settlement could be reached after the mettings with US officials.
“Clearly we were able to further discuss components for possible settlements and while we have not reached a point where I could say there is a settlement, I would say I feel that we are closer to a settlement than we were when we met first on 18 January.,” Dr. Cort told the Antigua Sun.
Whilst confidentiality constraints precluded the minister disclosing any detail, he said he was hopeful that a settlement could be reached before the June 6 deadline, when suspended legal actions between the two countries could recommence. He also hinted that is a real settlement was in prospect he would not be averse to extending the time limit.
Cort said he had the opportunity to meet with high-ranking officials in America’s Justice, Treasury, Commerce, Homeland Security and State Departments as well as the USTR.