1/13/10 – According to a report from Main Public Broadcasting, yet another instance of an ‘exception' to federal bans on online gambling financial transactions is shaping up in the state of Maine, where lawmakers are looking at the possibilitities of raising additional revenues by expanded gambling.
Along with more charitable gambling and video gambling provisions, state legislators are also seriously considering launching Internet keno wagering , which the state lottery estimates could raise an extra $2.4 million in annual tax revenues.
According to the report, Dan Gwadosky, director of the Maine lottery, defended Keno, saying the game works much like Powerball, but with far more frequent drawings, and is therefore an acceptable online offering.
"The Keno game is a little bit different than your scratch ticket, so it may, in fact, attract a different player," Gwadosky is quoted as saying in response to critics that online keno could result in lower participation in other lottery games. "There's only so much disposable income out there, and there would be some loss."
If Maine does go this route, it will presumably be justified under the right of individual states to make own gambling law decisions.